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Clinician Brief ran a recent article on anaesthetic use in British Bulldogs. It played out two scenarios. The first, a planned anaesthetic protocol specific to brachycephalic breeds. The second, a general protocol used on all dogs by the practice. A fair degree of poetic license was used in the article. The planned approach resulted in a successful outcome while the general approach resulted in disaster.

Anaesthesia is a blend of art and science. Things don’t always go as planned because variables are at play. This said, we can work the science to place the odds of success more firmly in the patient’s corner. Anaesthetic Pro was designed with these thoughts in mind. Having worked in a number of practices, one theme was common. A limited list of anaesthetic protocols stuck to the wall or inside the anaesthetic cupboard.  You simply drew up the suggested drug volume and gave it to the patient. There was very little room to account for individual patient needs associated with breed, clinical condition or age . A ‘one glove fits all’ concept. If clinicians chose not to go down this path quite a bit of time and effort could be expended to come up with more suitable options.

Anaesthetic Pro has been in use for a number of years and has proven to be effective, efficient and resourceful. It is used to help veterinary clinics make sound decisions on patient premedication, anaesthesia and pain management. Those using it have found it simple and quick to use, especially when making quite complex anaesthetic dose calculations such as CRIs.

When looking forward there are exciting possibilities for the future development of Anaesthetic Pro. Many of the complex decision we make can be assisted through artificial intelligence. Computer software development is a costly process so we need confidence that any development is what end users want. The attached survey offers users the opportunity to participate in this process. If you haven’t yet used Anaesthetic Pro, it is available for a 60 day free trial at The current licensing system restricts it’s use to the computer it is downloaded on so ensure you download it on the computer you want to use it from (something we hope to change in future by making the app cloud based).

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