How do I know Anaesthetic Pro it is accurate? 

Companion animal anaesthetic dose information is well documented.  Drug options and dose rates are readily available through a wide range of veterinary publications. Anaesthetic Pro is a compilation of available information in a format that makes it readily available and easily used by veterinarians and their staff.

Why change to Anaesthetic Pro?

Anaesthetic Pro opens more options that afford patients better anaesthetic and pain management care. It is human nature to stick with what is familiar. The limitation of this behaviour is it can prevent the use of more appropriate medications that would better serve our patients.

Are the dose rates listed in Anaesthetic Pro safe?

‘There is no such thing as a safe anaesthetic drug, just safe anaesthetists’. The dose rate ranges listed in Anaesthetic Pro have been selected after looking through a wide range of veterinary publications (textbooks, WASAVA publications, drug company product handouts, plus many, many more veterinary publications). The first thing to comment is the industry does not agree with itself. There is close proximity with some drugs , but huge variances with others. Anaesthetic Pro has taken a conservative approach to drug dose ranges to try and ensure patient safety. This said, it is always the clinicians responsibility to match medications to individual patient needs.

Is Anaesthetic Pro cost effective?

Anaesthetic Pro is one of the most cost effective veterinary software applications available. Unlike many software applications that cost thousands of dollars each year, Anaesthetic Pro costs less than cup of coffee per day yet saves the practice money by saving staff time.